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Stanford University hosted WCCFL 1 on January 22-24, 1982.  In honor of WCCFL 1 — and previous WCCFLs — we have arranged for a special conversation between two participants of WCCFL 1, Sandra Chung and Paul Kiparsky, to share memories and perspectives about the field and how it has developed.

When: Saturday, May 14, 10:30 am, PDT

Title: From WCCFL 1 to WCCFL 40 and beyond: Reflections on linguistics and linguists --- A conversation between Sandy Chung (University of California, Santa Cruz) and Paul Kiparsky (Stanford University), moderated by Deniz Rudin (University of Southern California)

Organizers of WCCFL 1: Will Leben, Ivan Sag, and Tom Wasow
Editors of Proceedings of WCCFL 1: Daniel P. Flickinger, Marlys Macken, and Nancy Wiegand
Here are the program from WCCFL 1 and the cover of the Proceedings.