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Organizing committee: Arto Anttila, Cleo Condoravdi, Vera Gribanova, Boris Harizanov, and Beth Levin.

Volunteers: Sarah Al Motairi, CJ Brickhouse, Lewis Esposito, Evelyn Fernandez-Lizarraga, Sarang Jeong, Cass Kramer, Dean Manko, Madelaine O’Reilly Brown, Bran Papineau, Erika Petersen O Farrill, Ksenia Ershova, Bonnie Krejci, Jiayi Lu, Stefan Pophristic, Tony Velasquez, Brandon Waldon, Robert Xu, and Anissa Zaitsu.


For questions please email


We thank the Department of Linguistics for supporting WCCFL 40.
We are grateful to the Department of Linguistics staff, especially Kelly Battcher and Rebekah Quijas, for the effort they've put into WCCFL 40. 

We also want to thank the following linguists for their invaluable advice about organizing (virtual) conferences: Scott AnderBois, Bronwyn Bjorkman, Mitcho Erlewine, Heidi Harley, Robert Henderson, Florian Schwarz, and Anne-Michelle Tessier.